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-1- goltoof: I tried upgrading but it looks like the kernel didn't like it. I found the log files and it looks like it borked the systemd-networkd service I was trying to open a copy of "xubuntu-docs_13.10-3_all.deb" in a text editor but it came up empty on Ubuntu Software (from a fresh, updated install) goltoof: it looks like my motherboard only has one ethernet port so I don't have wifi-connection to offer it any help, but I still wish there were a solution for you. so no idea about openindiana? goltoof: I wish I had a spare motherboard to experiment with but I don't TJ-: so you're telling me my computer is a brick? i've got a lot of stuff here... i can see it from my laptop if I can't connect to the network for a bit TJ-: damn, ok, i don't really want to do an upgrade just for a few packages, but thanks for the help What would be the easiest way to find the file it was supposed to open in? goltoof: You're welcome. I'm so surprised that it didn't give you any error messages at all that I suspect it's a hardware fault TJ-: ok, thanks again, appreciate it goltoof: I still think you should just reinstall, give the system a new install, this time manually setting it up as per the instructions for raring goltoof: It sounds like you've now got a complex problem to fix TJ-: I did a fresh install, but not for these packages, not sure what I'm saying here... MoPac: Well, if you look in Synaptic, do you see it? TJ-: the files are still there, maybe it can't find them? hi all goltoof: The installer requires to have all of the files it needs to operate. Once you've




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Tenorshare ReiBoot Crack Activation Key Free Download neeblan

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